Monday, 29 April 2013

Her NAME is ...

She suddenly walked in the room and all those noisy screaming people stood up and somehow miraculously,  the look on their faces has changed from anger, hate and resentment to peace, love and respect.
No words can describe that specific moment when we all looked at each other, smiling busting into tears of happiness...
I looked around and asked a stranger standing next to me :
- who is that "she" ?
He looked at me strangely and said :
- omg don't you know her ?
- No ! Am I supposed too ?
He had a huge peaceful smile drawn on his face and said :
-She is the ONE !
Only then, I realised that everything has changed.....

Couple months later, I decided to go for a walk. It was a dark day, people were acting strangely, too much darkness in their eyes, some of them became dead walkers. Others more aggressive,  wanting to kill each other for no reasons.  What happened to them ? I wondered.  I looked to other side of the street, there she was... "Her"  sitting in the corner crying. I run into her, thinking omg she might need help.
- what happened ? I asked her.
She stopped crying, looked at me and said :
-They all want a peace of me
-But they love you, they called for you. They were so happy when you arrived.
-Yes, So I thought, but...
-But what ?
-My principles are not welcome. They want a body  with no soul.
-What Made them change their minds ?
-Greed and power.... my friend. I'm no longer welcome here "Big sigh"
-What did you demand  ?
- My friend, she said : I brought with me freedom, justice, Human rights...
-What ? Who are you ? I asked.
- My name is DEMOCRACY -She said.
Only then I realised that everything was a lie. Promises, promises ....
Then I said to myself : it can't end this way, I just can't let her leave.
As I stood up to call for help, too many people were already nearby offering protection to this beautiful creature called DEMOCRACY.
I left back home believing; one day "near",  DEMOCRACY will definitely meet TUNISIA.

Hope and peaceful "fight" , are the key words.
Never give up on your dreams. Peace to you all :)

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